St Luke's C of E Primary School

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School Day


A day at St. Luke's School

7.55am    Start Active (Tuesday and Fridays only)

8.15am    Breakfast Club (this is for pupils to eat their breakfast only)


8.30am    The main entrance gate opens.  Children should remain with their  


8.40am   Parents and children move to the main playground to await the whistle.

8.48am   The first whistle is blown to let parents and carers know that they need

                to leave the playground so that pupils can line up when the second

                whistle is blown.  Pupils then proceed to their classrooms. 

8.50am  Schools starts and the side gate is locked.  Pupils arriving to school

               after this time need to enter the school through the main entrance.  

               Parents need to then register their child in late on the Inventry system.


8.50am   Registration and Guided Reading

9.30am   Assembly (Monday - Collective Worship, Tuesday - Class Collective

               Workship and Assembly , Wednesday - Visitor Collective Worship,

               Thursday - Collective Worship/Singing Assembly and Friday - Collective

               Worship/Golden File.)


10.30am-10.45am      KS1 playtime

10.45am-11.00am      KS2 playtime

12.00noon-1.05pm    Reception Lunchtime

12.15pm- 1.05pm      Lunch time

3.00pm                      Home Time

3.00pm                      After school activities (finishing at 4pm)