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Reception Admissions and Coronavirus 15/04/2020


Pupils start school the year that they turn five years of age. Therefore, pupils starting primary school in September 2020 were born between 1st September 2015 and 31st August 2016.


What will happen regarding Reception places starting in September 2020?


If you have applied on time and online for your child's primary school place, you will receive an email on the evening of Thursday 16 April asking you to log in to your child’s online application to view the outcome.

With the outcome you will receive further details. It is important you read this through thoroughly, as this will be Lambeth’s Admissions formal notification to you and you will not receive confirmation by post. 


If you have applied on time with a paper copy of the Common Application Form for your child's primary school place, you will receive a letter first class on 16th April.


It is important that you respond to the offer made by logging on to your online account and completing this by Thursday 30 April 2020 via Lambeth Admission’s webpage and using the username and password supplied to you when you registered. 


You can then click on ‘view outcome’ and submit your acceptance. You will then receive a confirmation email. Instructions for this part of the process are on our webpage if needed. 


If you have a technical problem regarding logging on to the application please call London Grid for Learning on 020 8255 5555, option 1 during office hours.


Failure to accept the offer could result in your child's place being withdrawn and offered to another child. If you have secured alternative educational arrangements for your child has e.g. you have secured an offer at a private school, and are rejecting the offer we have made, please inform Lambeth admissions of this by logging on to the online application and stating this.


Further information is available on their primary admissions webpage:


Please note that outcomes will not be given over the phone or by email from Lambeth School Admissions Team.


If you did not apply on time, as stated when you made your child’s application to Lambeth Admissions, because it was submitted after the deadline of 15 January 2020, it is classed as late. You will receive an email is to remind you that we will start fully processing these after 16th April (Primary National Offer Day). As the application was late you will not receive an outcome on this day, instead Lambeth Admissions will write to you with the outcome as soon as possible.  There are no set timescales for this.


Also, to ensure that the application is complete and processing is not hindered you must ensure that you have attached the required proof of address documents for you and your child, and child’s date of birth, as a matter of urgency. Below is the link to their webpage which states the documents we need to receive:


Please pay particular attention to the dates on the documentation to ensure they are within the specified date range.


If you have a technical problem regarding logging on to the application please call London Grid for Learning on 020 8255 5555, option 1.


If you still have not applied, please apply to Lambeth Admissions as soon as possible ( Usually in an Academy Church School, admissions are offered by the school, however, reception spaces MUST be applied via Lambeth Admissions (until 1st September 2020 when applications are dealt with the school directly but in communication with Lambeth Admissions). 


Your application will be dealt with by Lambeth as detailed above for late applications.


What happens next?

Staff at St Luke’s will contact parents offered a place at St Luke’s after the Easter Holidays.


Due to unknown timeframes regarding lock down, the date and format of school inductions, uniform collections etc will be affected. However, please be reassured that your child will have the smoothest transition into St Luke’s possible in the circumstances. We will write to parents and carers regularly to keep you informed on how we will do so.