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School Development Plan

 Abridged School Development Plan for Parents – St Luke’s Primary School (2019/20)


Dear parents and carers,

Over the last year, the Governors and staff have met with you, listened to your comments and taken some of your suggestions on board:

  • Staff kept parents fully informed of their child’s progress through curriculum meetings, workshops and parent consultation days
  • Staff focused on further embedding our vision and values across the federation and our work in partnership with St. John’s Angell Town.
  • Leaders focused on ensuring outstanding teaching and learning across the school by working in partnership with others across the federation
  • We provided training and parent workshops to understand the threats to children and families from extremism and radicalisation, relationships and sex education, anti-bullying, cyber bullying and prejudice and to encourage healthy lifestyles.
  • We continued to work with parents and involve them in their child’s learning and support our outstanding behaviour
  • Governors have been communicating regularly with parents, face to face, via the newsletter and on the website

We hope that you will see the progress that we have made in all of these areas

We will be inviting you to come and meet your child’s teacher at our Parent Consultation Day. At this meeting you will have the opportunity to look at your child’s work, discuss their progress and share their targets.

Over the course of the next year, we will be aiming to address our priorities, as set out in our School Development Plan.  The aim of the School Development Plan is to continue to raise standards in all areas. With some new teaching staff this year ,we are particularly focussing  on maintaining the proportion of outstanding teaching and learning, increasing the achievement of our learners in reading, maths and writing and reviewing our curriculum intent, implementation and impact.

Our priorities are set out on the following page so that you can see clearly what we are aiming to achieve and we look forward to meeting you all in school over the coming term.

Yours sincerely,


Nicky Zeronian-Dalley

Executive Headteacher

 School Development Plan – St. Luke’s Primary School 2019-20

Priority 1 – The Quality of Education



Review and further develop the quality of the curriculum provided for pupils, including the most able and pupils with SEND

  • Maintain outcomes in all year groups


Priority 2 - Behaviour and Attitudes



  • Develop UNICEF Rights Respecting towards Gold Award in 2019-20
  • Improve the attendance and punctuality of pupils, particularly those in vulnerable groups


Priority 3 - Personal Development



  • Develop the provision for the personal development of learners
  • Development of whole school mental health awareness and well being
  • Review of our Relationships and Health Education curriculum and policy


Priority 4 - Leadership and Management


  • Development of leadership and management, particularly subject leaders and leaders new to the role