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MUSIC BLOG 2019 - 2020


                                      Happy New Year 



Year 1 LMFest20   Songs  we are Voice B or 2

The Tiger.Words

Voice B - The Tiger

Herring Words

Vocal Track - Herring Song

Jack and the Beanstalk - Words

Vocal Track - Jack and the Beanstalk






Year 6 Southwark Cathedral Song

SL Guide Track - Voices

SL Y6 Part - Lyrics

CC Guide Track - Voices

Christ Church Y6 Part - Lyrics

SJAT Guide Track - Voices

SJAT Y6 Part - Lyrics


This Is Our World Lyrics

Backing Track


Annie Songs May 2019

Annie Song Sheet



Its The Hard-Knock Life


I Think_I'm Gonna Like It Here

You're Never Fully Dressed Without a Smile

Moonquake Lake

Little Girls

The City's Yours


Easy Street

Who Am I

I Don't Need Anything But You



September Music in Worship


Faith Group continue to lead Collective Worship:

Sharing St Luke's Family Values and selecting music to support themes


Monday 10th September: Assembly

Head Teacher and Mr Bramfit : Celebrating St Luke's Values and introducing 'Operation Christmas Gift' shoebox

St Luke's Family share 'Love In A Box'


Thursday 6th September: Singing Assembly

Hymns and songs celebrate our school's values this month and remind us of what it means to be part of our St Luke's Family.

School Values:

Safety            Reception

Respect           Year 1

Curiosity         Year 2

Challenge       Year 3

Excellence      Year 4

Spirituality      Year 5

Learning         Year 6


The school's Christian Value for November is Friendship  

Christian Values Video






Music Blog 2017 ~ 2018

 Year 6 :  I know who I am rehearsal backing track

I Know Who I Am

Year 6 ... Southwick Cathedral Leavers' Service 20th June 2018

You have 5 hymns to sing with the congregation: please use the links below to rehearse.

Be Still

My Peace

Dear Lord and Father

Give Me Joy In My Heart

One More Step



It's the summer term and everyone is enjoying a challenging music curriculum with rhythm, pitch and aural challenges and composition.


Year 6 have fun rehearsing your songs over the half term.

Press for Alice Song Lyrics

Year 6 please use these links to prepare for your Musical

Act One:                                                                            Act Two:    

All In A Golden Afternoon                  Mad As A Hatter

I'm Late                                                      Royal Procession

Down Down Down                                 Croquet Song

My Lovely Garden                                          Lobster Dance

I Wish I Hadn't Cried So Much                  Beautiful Soup

Caucus Race                                               Who Stole The Tarts

Mouses Tale                                           Off With Her Head

What Will Become Of Me                      Wonderland Reprise

Who Are You

Pig And Pepper Rap




We look forward with excitement to perform in the Royal Festival Hall Tuesday 20th March 2018 as part of the



Infant Choir Songs: 

Where there is no Vioce 1 or A, we all sing the same part.

Infant Choir Song Sheet

Voice 1 Down in Lambeth

Voice 1 Inventions Song

Voice A Ipi Ntombi

La Mariposa

Voice 1 Paddy works on the Railway

Voice A Power of the Voice (we do the RAP verese 3)

Rat in mi Kitchen

Scarborough Fair

Superhero Medley


Junior Choir Songs:

Junior Choir Song Sheet

Consider Yourself 

Consider Yourself Actions

Voice 1 Down in Lambeth (We do the RAP verese 3)

Voice W Evaporation

Evaporation Actions

Voice A If you want to sing out

If you want to sing out Actions

Voice 1 Inventions Song (Verse 1 and Chorus)

Inventions Song Chorus Actions

Voice A Power of the Voice

Power of the Voice Actions

Route 66

Route 66 Actions

Voice A Siya Hamba

Voice A Under Pressure

Under Pressure Actions




Dear Parents and children...

Happy New Year 2018



It's a great Term with challenging music lessons and music workshops for both Key Stages.



Dear Parents and children

We have had a busy start to the Autumn Term.

We are in the build up for Christmas, The Nativity Play for KS1 and EYFS, also the Carol Service for KS2 where all parents are welcome to join our celebration.


KS1 and EYFS Nativity Songs: Please use the links to practise the songs.

Song 1 Woolly sheep

Song 2 Sleepy shepherd

Song 3 One starry night

Song 4 Would you like to come along

Song 5 Under a star

Song 6 Bumpy road

Song 7 Wake up

Many thanks for your support.



Dear Parents and Children

We are into our Summer Term and all children have been developing their musical knowledge and skills.



Year 6, now SAT's are over you can look forward to an exciting term with a variety of musical performances to prepare for:

 Music for assemblies,

singing  in the Leaver's Service at Southwark Cathedral and 

rehearsing a presentation of the Year 6 Musical Production at the end of the Term


           Please use this link to rehearse the songs with lyrics.


                      these backing tracks without lyrics: 

             Pot Of Gold                                          Lumbago Lullaby

     Anchors Away                  Beneath The Same Starry Sky

 Piratical Style        Lumbago Reprise        Piratical Style Reprise




Dear Parents

Many thnks for your support and great comments at the Lambeth Music Festival 2017.




St Luke's Year 1 and Year 3 choirs had a great day at the LMFest17  and sung all of the songs and performed all of the actions. They had a fantastic experience singing all the songs with 900 children on stage and had a lot of fun.


St Luke's Family Love a ...





Use the links below to learn the song words.

Infant Music:


Joy_to_the_World_- Words







Welcome back and I hope you have had a good break.


This Spring Term is filled with fun and challenging activities, in jazz, pop, classical and choral musical styles, for all all children deepening mastery of singing and instrument techniques.


There are important events coming up and I will post them here ... keep watching.



Hi Y3: Music Homework ~ draw a picture of how the music makes you feel or what the words make you think about.

Listen to the link below: I think you can sing it better :-) 




 Welcome to St Luke's Music Blog ... 

This year I am planning to give the children of our St Luke's family a wider musical experience through the introduction of xaphoons in Y6, keyboards and guitars in Y3 and ocarinas in Y2.

Reception and Y1 will learn to play a range of un-tuned percussion as well as the glockenspeil. 



Year 4 children have the opportunity to play violin or cello. 

This is supported by:    

musicians that visit the school and teach violin and cello to Y4. 

So over the year all children will develop their musical awareness and deepen their instrumental skills through learning about Jazz, Reggae, Classical, Pop etc.