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D ear Parents

Many thanks for your support and wonderful comments at the Lambeth Music Festival 2017.


 The Children in Year 1 and Year 3 had a fantastic experience performing all of the songs and actions with 900 children. They make you feel  proud to part of St Luke's Family.



6th March 2017

Dear Parents/Carers

There is a new song for the Festival which is in the links below: Down in Lambeth.

Many thanks for your continue support, helping your child to learn the words of all LMFest17 songs?



9th January 2017

Dear Parents/Carers

The support and encouragement you have given to your child in learning the words and actions of the songs for the Royal Festival Hall concert on the 21st March is very much appreciated. 

Please continue to help your child and encourage them to rehearse the songs over the half term holiday.

Year 1 : 

New songs :     Power In Me,         One Big Family

Actions and Words :   Joy to the World,           Tadpole Blues,           True Colours,      Zimbokeelay,         Wings,       Paper Moon

Year 3 : 

New Songs :     For Once In My Life,    Pure Imagination

Actions and Words : Electric Street,        Straigthe Up,      

Lady Flrankly's Lament,     Langa More,     Listen to the Music,

Sing,     Let Your Little Light Shinne 


30th January 2017 

Dear Parents/Carers

Can you please encourage your child to rehearse the words and actions?

Y1:     New Songs:     Joy To The World,            Tadpole Blues,  

                                                    True Colours

Actions:        Zimbokeelay,        Wings,                 Paper Moon

Y3:   New Songs:        Electric Street,         Straighten Up,     

                                           Lady Frankln's Lament

Actions:    Langa More,   Let You Little Light Shine,  Sing,                                                      Listen To The Music


23rd January 2017


Dear Parents/Carers   

The children have had a great lesson today. Can you please encourage your child to focus on learning:

Year 1: Zimbokeelay, Wings Like A Dove and Paper Moon.

Year 3 : Langa More, Let Your Little Light Shine, Sing and Listen To The Music.

 Use the links below to learn the song words.

Year 1 Music and Words:

Remember to sing Voice B and Voice Z

 Joy To The World - Voice B                  One Big Family Voice B

Joy to the World - Words                       One Big Family - Words

Joy To The World - Actions                      One Big Family - Actions 

Paper Moon Vocal                                                    Power In Me - Voice B

Paper Moon - Words                                                 Power In Me - Words

Paper Moon - Actions                                               Power In Me - Actions 

Tadpole Blues - Voice B                                       True Colours - Voice B

 Tadpole Blues - Words                                        True Colours - Words

Tadpole Blues - Actions                                     True Colours - Actions

Wings Like A Dove - Words                  Zimbokeelay - Words

Wings Like A Dove - Voice                   Zimbokeelay - Voice Z

Wings Like A Dove - Actioins              Zimbokeelay - Actions

New Song: Down in Lambeth Voice 3

Down in Lambeth Chorus Actions

Down in Lambeth Words



Year 3 Music and Words:

Remember to sing Voice B and Voice 2 

Electric Street - Voice B                      For Once In My Life - Voice B

Electric Street - Words                        For Once In My Life - Words

Electric Street - Actions                      For Once In My Life - Actions

Lady Franklin's Lament - Voice            Pure Imagination - Voice

Lady Franklin's Lament - Words            Pure Imagination - Words


Langa More - Voice                                       Let Your Little Light Shine - Voice 2

Langa More - Words                                     Let Your Little Light Shine - Words

Langa More - Actions                                  Let Your Little Light Shine - Actions

Listen To The Music - Voice B                            Sing - Voice 2 

Listen To The Music - Words                              Sing - Words 

Listen To The Music - Actions                            Sing - Actions 

Straighten Up - Voice

Straighten Up - Word 

Straighten Up - Actions 

 New Song: Down in Lambeth Voice 3

Down in Lambeth Words

Down in Lambeth Chorus Actions



Please use the links below to practise and learn the words.





Use the song sheet with the track counter to help learn the sequence and the intro's to the songs.

                Song Sheet with Track Counter



Year 6 Musical 

Please use the link above to

rehearse the songs.



I would like to Congratulate all the Y1 and Y4 children who took part in the LMFest 2016.


All our children are Stars!

It was a great experience for them to sing with 31 other Lambeth primary schools: 900 children created a great sound.

Keep watching for videos.


A certificate will be on its way to go with the LMFest 2016 Medal as a memento of the performance.


This Summer Term, children will face a challenging Music Curriculum deepening their knowledge of genres such as: