St Luke's C of E Primary School

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Parking outside School

Like all schools, we have zig-zags outside the school.  The zig-zags start at the junction of Linton Grove and Elder Road and continue past the school. 


It is illegal to park or drop off your child on the zig-zags. The sign clearly states No Stopping between September to July, Monday to Friday 8am-10.30am and 2.30pm-4.30pm.



Stopping on the zig-zags puts all children at risk as they can not see the road clearly. We also ask parents not to stop in the middle of the road to drop off their child or reverse into the drive.  We do not want to see our children injured or worse by such dangerous behaviour. We ask parents and carers to arrive to school in enough time to park sensibly to either drop off or collect.

Lambeth penalty vans patrol the school before and after school.


Park and Stride

At St. Luke's School, we encourage pupils and parents to travel to school by cycling, scooting and walking (active travel) wherever possible.  For pupils unable to travel to school actively, we encourage use of public transport or car-sharing.  Some of the benefits of active travel are: improving both mental and physical activity; establishing positive active travel behaviour; promoting independence and improving safety awareness; reducing congestion noise and pollution in the community and reducing the environment impact of the journey to school. 

Living Street is a UK Charity that promotes everyday walking to school.  Working with Lambeth and the schools, they have created a Park & Stride map, created by children, contains a 5 minute 'no parkin' zone around the school and suggested alternative parking places for those who have to drive.  We are hoping that parents show their support in parking further away and making the school gates a safer place for everybody. 

Click here for a copy of the Park & Stride map.  A hard copy is available from the school office.