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Assessment Without Levels

You may have heard the phrase 'assessment without levels' and do not really understand what that means and the implications for the teachers and children at St. Luke’s School.

In September, the new National Curriculum (often referred to as NC14) was introduced.  We had been preparing for this for the past year. The senior leaders had many meetings to organise the curriculum and make links to the International Primary Curriculum. Each class teacher has a school booklet outlining what they must teach in addition to a complete copy of NC14. The age-related standards of NC14 are much higher than the old National Curriculum.

The government also decided to stop using the levels e.g. 2C, 2B 2A etc with which we (staff, children and parents) are all familiar when talking about assessment. At the moment we are now working 'without levels!'


However, we still need to assess progress and attainment. The new curriculum is set out in year groups e.g. Year 1, Year 2 and for each year group there is a series of statements, for each subject, describing what the teachers must teach and, more importantly, what children must learn. We will be using these statements to assess each child's progress against age-related expectations.  

We are now using the phrases 'Emerging', 'Expected' and 'Exceeding' to describe your child's progress against the statements for the year group.  To start with, many children will be 'emerging' for their year group. As the year progresses, it is expected that the children's knowledge and understanding of the curriculum will increase and they will move to 'expected'. By the end of the year most children will be assessed as expected' age-related attainment and some may be assessed as 'exceeding' age-related attainment. A very small number of children may not achieve 'expected' standards.

We are using a tracking system called Target Tracker. Using this software, the teachers can record your child's progress as they know and understand each statement of the curriculum.  This will then be recorded as emerging, expected or exceeding the age-related standards.

If you have any questions regarding Assessment Without Levels or any other queries, please ask your class teacher or Mrs Bryan-Whyte, who will be happy to help you.


Assessment Without Levels Guidance For Parents