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International Primary Curriculum (IPC)IPC


The International Primary Curriculum (IPC) is an international curriculum providing a cross-curricular, thematic, rigorous teaching structure designed to engage children of all abilities in today’s world. It was originally designed and created to provide an internationally-focused curriculum for a group of 14 schools around the world. It was introduced in 2000 and very soon other schools wanted to use the curriculum so that today, the IPC is being used in over 1,000 schools in 65 countries creating a vibrant, global community that all members benefit from.

The principle of the IPC is to focus on a combination of academic, personal and international learning for children worldwide combined with innovative and exciting ways to learn. It is a whole curriculum that locks good learning into the school. The IPC is integral to children achieving in life.  It encompasses not only knowledge and skills teaching, but develops children’s thinking skills so that they can approach any problem in life equipped with the thought processes and higher thinking skills enabling them to deal with and solve the problem. The IPC is cross-curricular so that children’s learning is contextualised and relevant to them, whilst covering all the necessary subject requirements of Geography, History, Design & Technology, Art, Music, Science, PE and PSHE.  The IPC is geared towards our children achieving in an unknown future.


Please click here to view the IPC policy.