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Long Term Plans

We aim to offer a broad balanced curriculum intended to provide a similar range of learning experience for all pupils.

This will be achieved by:

 • Reviewing and monitoring our whole approach to long term curriculum planning, ensuring; continuity and progression;

• Reviewing and monitoring our medium term planning;

• Policy documents for each year with agreed aims;

• Weekly planning showing a variety of teaching styles and differentiation of work;

• Setting up thorough systems, which inform future planning;

• Develop staff knowledge, confidence and expertise in all areas of the curriculum;

 The following document demonstrates the long term curriculum plan for the children at St. Luke’s.

At St. Luke's, we believe the primary school should be a safe and wonderful place where children want to be and learning takes place both in and out of the classroom. Learning should be through a mixture of exploration, discovery, creativity and a variety of sensory and kinaesthetic experiences which encourage learners to want to explore more in a journey of lifelong learning.

Children will learn the literacy and numeracy skills needed for life and learning and to progress in their education.

Whatever their background they will learn to shape their futures and develop their unique capacities and skills. They will be encouraged to be curious and use thinking skills to innovate, be creative and problem solve. Children will develop the first understandings of employment and entrepreneurship. A primary education should set up learners for life, with the knowledge and skills to be well-rounded individuals, mentally and physically healthy, with an appreciation for and a generosity toward the people, the world and the universe around them.

Whole School Curriculum Overview

Whole School Overview

Year Group's Long Term Planning:

Year R's Curriculum Map 2017 -2018

Year 1's Curriculum Map 2017 -2018

Year 2's Curriculum Map 2017 -2018

Year 3's Curriculum Map 2017 -2018

Year 4's Curriculum Map 2017 -2018

Year 5's Curriculum Map 2017 -2018

Year 6's Curriculum Map 2017 -2018