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Parents' Workshops


2017-2018 Workshops

Sew a Story - Sewing for Parents and Carers

When: Started on 16th January and runs every Tuesday afternoon for 8 weeks

What time: 12pm -3pm

This course for parents and carers will teach you to design and make simple textile products such as cushion covers and work together to create a large textile banner to be hung in your child's school. You will be given all the materials you need to make the products and you will be supported by experienced art and craft tutors. You do not need any prior sewing experience.

On this course, you will:

  • Design and make simple textile products
  • Design and make a large textile art work banner for display in the school
  • Know how to work on a collaborative creative project
  • Learn how to use a sewing machine and basic needlework stiches

You will receive a certificate upon completion of the course.


E-Safety Workshop for Parents and Carers

When: Friday 9th March 2018

What time: 9.00am -1pm

Do you know how to keep your family and yourself safe online?

Do you want to be able to monitor what your children are looking at online?

On this workshop for parents you will learn:

  • How to monitor what your child sees online and what practical steps you can take to protect them.
  • How to identify the main potential threats to your child's safety from them being online regularly.
  • At least 3 strategies for keeping your family safe online.
  • How to keep yourself safe whilst online


You will receive a certificate upon completion of the course.


Phonics Workshop of Parents with Pupils in Reception and Year 1

Parents attended a phonics workshop in January 2018 led by Ms Olayinka, Reception Class Teacher, where they shown how to support their child's application of phonics at home. 



2016-2017 Workshops


Grammar Workshops

On 12th January 2017, we held two Grammar Workshops for parents; one aimed at parents with children in KS1 (Reception—Year 2) and one for KS2 (Year 3 — 6). The workshops’ aims were for parents to be fully up to date with the National Curriculum 2014 grammar requirements, understand grammar terms and words classes children are expected to know, secure understanding of what grammar is being taught and how best to support children at home and leave with ideas to support children and useful resources. 



Celebration of Learning

On 13th January 2017, we invited parents and carers into school for a day to experience lessons with their children as part of our Celebration of Learning.

Year R — PE and Numeracy

Year 1 — PSHE and Numeracy

Year 2 — Guided Reading, Now Press Play Experience and PE Workshop

Year 3 — Guided Reading and Swimming Year 4 — Maths, PE and Literacy


Parent Alene Eyre joined Year 2 for their ‘Now Press Play’ literacy session. She said the session was really educational and a good source of imagination. With the headsets on, pupils were pretending to be Jack who got separated from his mum on a plane, which was also transporting animals. The plane crashed and the animals escaped. A bad man stole all the animals. As ‘Jack’ everyone had to follow instructions to find all the animals. When the animals were found, the animals had to be separated on the plane and pupils had to work out which animals were mammals and amphibians.


 2015-2016 Workshops


Drugs Workshop

We held a workshop for parents on Thursday 14th April for parents and carers of pupils in Reception to Year 6.  We spoke about the following:-

  • What we teach children at St. Luke’s about drug education?
  • Support with talking to your child about substance abuse?
  • What do children need to know about medicines, volatile substances, alcohol, tobacco and illegal drugs?
  • How can we empower children to take responsibility for their own health and safety?

Parents found the workshops very informative and we pleased that we offered this workshop.


Maths Workshop for all Parents

Mrs Addo led a mathematics workshop with Miss Francis and Mrs Coleman on 4th March 2016 for parents which demonstrated how the school teaches maths as well as helping parents to support your children with their maths.  




Numicon Workshop for Parents with pupils in Reception and Year 1

Parents attended a maths workshop on Tuesday 20th October led by Michelle Tripyear, EYFS Leader from Christ Church Streatham, where they were shown our Numicon is used to help their child with their maths. Numicon is a really good resource and can be used in all areas of maths learning – counting, adding, subtraction, weighing, and place value etc.


Phonics Workshop for Parents with pupils in Reception and Year 1

Parents attended a phonics workshop on Wednesday 21st October led by Fahri Francis, Assistant Headteacher and Key Stage 1 Leader, where they were shown how to support your child's application of phonics at home. 



Secondary Transfer Meeting

Secondary Transfer MeetingParents attended a Secondary Transfer Meeting on Thursday 10th September. Ruth Wright from Lambeth’s Admission led the meeting. Parents were informed of the transfer procedure and were provided with the secondary transfer booklets.


Curriculum Meetings

Parents were invited to attend curriculum meetings for each year group.  At these meetings, the years' curriculum was discussed and parents received the year's curriculum plan.


2014 - 2015 Workshops


E-Safety for Parents

This workshop was run by Roddy Leith, who works for Lambeth's Safeguarding Department.  The workhop was held to help parents understand the dangers for their child on their phones and the internet.  


SRE Workshop for Parents

This workshop was lead by Janice Marsh, a Lambeth consultant.  The workshop was desgined in response to parnts and carers' feedback around requests for opportunities to discuss, explore and tackle issues relating to appropriate behaviours, inapproriate touch and puberty.


Kidscape - Workshops for Parents

As part of our collaboration with the Windmill Cluster of Schools, the school accessed anti-bullying training from Kidscape.  Also, two teachers have attended training and as part of the package we secured a training session for the School Councils of Christ Church and St. Luke's schools.  The schools met on 4th December.  

A workshop was also arranged at Christ Church Schools


Assessment Without Levels

Mrs Bryan-Whyte held two workshops for parents to discuss Assessment Without Levels.  


Numicon Workshops

Mrs Tripyear, EYFS leader at Christ Church Streatham, led this mathematics workshop for parents.


Phonics Workshops

This workshop was run for parents of pupils in EYFS and Year 1.