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Feedback from Parents' Consultation

St. Luke’s Parent Consultation Day – February 8th 2016

Thank you to all the parents who attended the Parents’ Conferencing Day on Monday 8th February.  The feedback from the day was very positive.

It is clear you that you appreciate the high level of information you are receiving from the school. Parents made very positive comments about the teaching and learning, communication, after school activities and the Breakfast Club.

Many parents commented on the level of challenge, stretch and problem solving in various areas of the curriculum. Parents were pleased to be informed about targets, marking and feedback, identifying progress and next steps using the ‘Gap Analysis’. 

It is also clear you value the personal qualities, positive attitudes and characteristics of learning that we are developing eg resilience, reciprocity, resourcefulness, responsibility and readiness.

We hope that you have come away from your meeting knowing a little more about the National Curriculum 14, assessment, mastery and learning at greater depth. If you have any further questions, please speak to your child’s class teacher or Ms Bryan. If you missed the workshops on the curriculum and assessment, please take a leaflet from the Parent Information in the entrance.

Summary and future actions based on the results of the survey

This time our Parent Survey focus was Parental Engagement. Parents felt that the school had improved Parental Engagement.

Over the last year we have spent a great deal of time developing our website, promotional film, newsletter, class blogs, texting parents and Twitter. Many parents commented that they appreciate the many and varied forms of communication now on offer.

Parents gave us valuable feedback on the things that they perceived children were at risk from. Although parents feel that their children are safe in school they are actually at significant risk in the local area from gangs, knife crime, substance abuse, extremism and radicalisation and child sexual exploitation. All schools in Lambeth are informing parents and alerting them to these dangers in our community. We have information on our school website in ‘Safeguarding’ to help parents to protect their children. The website contains leaflets and links to other websites eg. Educate Against Hate and CEOPS.

All staff at St. Luke’s have received training in Internet Safety, Child Sexual Exploitation, Female Genital Mutilation, PREVENT (extremism and radicalisation), Drug Education, Sex and Relationship Education, gang and knife crime. We engage with external agencies to provide age appropriate lessons to support our learners.

The school’s PHSE curriculum has units on substance abuse, drug education, sex and relationship education and keeping safe. Talk to your child about their learning, have a look at the curriculum for your child’s class on the website or talk to a member of staff. If you do not have access to the internet, we can provide an opportunity for you to be able to see the website or your child’s blog.

Please take a few minutes to look at the policies and information available so that you can be informed and be well supported in being able to talk about difficult subjects with your child.

We are pleased to see that most parents appreciate the varied after-school activities on offer. All of our staff contribute towards these clubs throughout the year. Please keep checking the website for new clubs and the Children’s University. Mrs Atkins sends a list of free activities available during the holidays with the school newsletter, in addition to the holiday sports provision and Windmill Cluster activities available.

Staff are very pleased that more and more parents are engaged with their child’s learning, participate in events in school and volunteer. If you would like to volunteer just a little bit of your time to help the children’s learning, or help staff to run a club, please let your child’s teacher know. In the summer term we will be running the FRED campaign again, engaging with families to promote the love of reading.

Here is a selection of comments from parents:

‘The new website is very informative’.

‘The school provides extensive information on radicalisation’.

‘The school provides support through the school website and newsletter on the risks facing our children’.

‘Communication has improved tremendously, the school keeps parents informed all the time about their child’s learning and behaviour’.

‘My child loves the music club, robot club and fencing’.

‘I like it when the teacher puts new things to learn at home on the blog. It is very useful’.

‘My children enjoy Breakfast Club a lot. They say that the food is good and differs from what I give them at home’

‘The blog shows me what my child has been learning and it is good to share with the child as they can explain what they did’.

‘The blogs show the fun of learning and my child’s achievement’.

‘There is more parental engagement and activities than before’.

‘The school provides tells me about the risks that may affect my child through workshops and information sent home’.

‘The Christmas fair brought  a community atmosphere’.

‘The Christmas fair was brilliant, I also volunteered for this. It brought staff, parents and pupils together at a special time of year and gave the school an opportunity to fundraise’.

‘The Christmas Fair was something that they looked forward to and are proud of’.

‘My child attends Breakfast Club and I also attend as a volunteer because it was hard to get him to eat at home in the morning. He now eats better than his peers!’

‘It’s so lovely to see the children enjoying learning. I’ve got to see the various activities she does and generally how happy the children are! You also see the genuine interest the teachers have for the children’.





Next steps:

  • Encourage learners to show parents their class blogs as part of a homework activity
  • Include another parent volunteer slip on the next newsletter
  • Opportunities to use the school’s IT facilities to see the website and blogs if unable to access from home
  • Engage with parents through FRED
  • Develop parental engagement further by holding a summer term event run by staff and parents
  • Maths Workshops for parents
  • E Safety for parents