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Federation's Vision

As a Church of England School, St Luke’s C E Primary School is dedicated to maintaining its Christian Ethos. · We believe it is essential to foster a spiritual and moral view of life in all our children. · We appreciate and value the ethos of our school. We aim to provide a supportive, learning environment, based on clear spiritual principles, which permeate all aspects of life. · We value the expertise and enthusiasm of the staff. They, in turn, value the happiness, security and education of our children.

The children are placed first in whatever is planned, considered and completed. · We aim to provide a quality of education, within a safe, stimulating Christian environment. · Together, with a sense of worth and a genuine concern for others, we aim to give every child the opportunity to develop and enjoy his or her maximum potential, not only in academic work, but also in creative, practical, sporting and social activities, so as to prepare them to understand and live a healthy and productive lifestyle.

We have a strong belief in the traditional values of hard work, courtesy and good behaviour. We promote consideration for others and we have an expectation that respect will be shown at all times. · We place great importance in the basic skills of literacy and numeracy but we also identify opportunities to prepare our children for the demands and experiences of adult life.

We aim to develop the knowledge, understanding and skills necessary to become an active responsible citizen. · We aim to foster a spirit of co-operation and loyalty, learning to appreciate that every member of our school community has a right and responsibility to make a contribution. He or she will be encouraged to respect the contributions of others, recognising each individual’s right to equality. · We value greatly the close partnership between home and school. We encourage the active support given by parents to the children’s work and the life of the school. We offer the opportunities for each child to gain the skills necessary for individual learning and to move confidently on to the next phase of education. · We aim to provide and welcome opportunities to prepare our children for their roles as members of an intercultural and multi-faith community.

 A statement of our Christian ethos: We Believe That Each Child is a Unique gift from God…

When people asked Jesus what were the most important things we should do he replied: ‘You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart, and with all your soul, and with all your mind, and with all your strength [and] You shall love your neighbour as yourself.’ (Mark 12:30-31)

Our statement puts this central element of Christian behaviour at the heart of the life of the school.

The statement affirms that: The school is a place where learners are valued and recognised as unique individuals placed in our care to nurture and develop a true love of learning and build their characters through quality experiences. As a church school: It is a place where we learn how to love God, one another and ourselves. This is achieved through collective worship, religious education and the application of Christian principles to relationships within the school.

It is a place where we learn in order to love God, one another and ourselves. A rich and varied curriculum enables us to discover the wonders of God’s creation and the worth of other people.