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Reception - Mint

Welcome to our Class Blog. On this page we will be posting all about our super fun learning going on in Reception Class. Look our for our Super Learners!!

Tuesday 15th March

Today we did some 'natural thinking'. We went outside for some fresh air and made some magic stick sculptures. Tomorrow we will cover them in glue so that they last longer outside.

More pictures to come of our final magic stick sculptures!

Monday 14th March

Today we added some dead flowers into our Mud Kitchen!
We made "zombie pie to make sure they don't eat our teachers and family" and "porridge so that our brains are ready and awake".

Friday 11th March

INTRODUCING OUR NEW MUD KITCHEN!!!!! We have just opened our new Mud Kitchen in our outdoor area.

We talked together about what we wanted in our Mud Kitchen. We decided to use car tyres, planks of wood, crates and lots of different pots, pans and bowls. We absolutely love our new Mud Kitchen :)

Wednesday 9th March

Take a look at some of our amazing writing this morning:

Can you read any of the sentences?

Monday 7th March

This afternoon we went outside and did some 'Natural Thinking'. We became natural detectives. We went out onto the field and went in search for natural objects. After collecting lots of different objects like stones, twigs, leaves, rocks, cones and plants, we tied them onto string. Look how beautiful out natural strings are:

Friday 4th March

On Friday the sun was out and shining, which was great because we really wanted to learn and play with the water. We set up lots of builders trays and using different sized containers, filled them up with bubbly water.
We had so much fun learning with the water, talking about how much water we're using, pretending to make potions, talking about what animals live in water and much much more...

Thursday 3rd March

HAPPY WORLD BOOK DAY!! Today was World Book Day and we all came into school dressed up as our favourite character. 

In the afternoon we had our second Literacy through Photography workshop.

We learnt how to hold and use a camera and then took pictures using them.

Wednesday 2nd March 

After we had the amazing Globe Theatre Company yesterday, we had a Shakespeare workshop this morning all about A Midsummer Night's Dream. We learnt all about the different parts of a stage. We read and acted out the story and played a game were we had to pretend we were the different characters.

Tuesday 1st March

Today the Globe Theatre Company came into our school and did the most amazing performance!! We laughed so much we got stitches!! 

Can you spot what characters you recognise from Shakespeare?

Friday 26th February

Today we learnt the sound EE and OR. Here is a video of us singing the Jolly Phonics song from Youtube. You can find the song here:

uring Music lesson we had a go at learning how to use the Glockenspiels. It was our first time using them. What do you think of our playing?

Thursday 25th February

Today was really exciting! In the afternoon we had a workshop all about Literacy through Photography. We first thought about distance and how we needed to be closer to someone to get just their face in the picture. If we wanted to get a picture of their head and their feet, we needed to stand further away.

We then split up into groups. In our groups we had to look at a photograph and talk about what we see in the picture. We had to discuss the characters in the  picture and what we thought might be the story of the photograph. We then acted out the photograph and took pictures using the Ipads. Here are some of our Photographs: Can you tell what is happening in each photo?

After sharing our ideas as a whole class we then did some self portraits of ourselves acting how the characters felt from the photograph. Here are some of the best ones:

Can you tell what emotions they are feeling?
At the end of a really enjoyable workshop we took some selfies, something that nearly all the children were confident with!

Wednesday 24th February

Today is the day of our trip to West Norwood Fire Station. 

We were all really excited and had previously thought of lots of different questions we wanted to ask the Fire Fighters.

First we walked to the Fire Station with some of our parents. It was such a lovely day for walking. We held our partners hands and talked quietly about what we were most excited about. 
"I am excited about seeing the fire engines".
"I am really excited to see inside the fire station. Do you think they will have a swimming pool?"
"I can't wait to hear the fire alarm going off".
When we got to the Fire Station we split up into 2 groups.|
One group went with Miss Masters to have a look around the Fire Station.

The other groups went with Miss Madden to go and explore the Fire Trucks.

The Firemen showed us the Fire Trucks. They told us lots of really interesting facts about the trucks. We learnt that they are different because of the ladder size. One truck has a really big ladder going up to 3/4 stories high, and the other truck has a smaller ladder.

We also learnt about the different hoses that are used. There are lots of different hose lengths and widths depending on how big the fire is. Some of us even got to hold the different hose parts.

We got to see the motor bike that the Fire Fighters sometimes use...

We also got a demonstration of the different equipment that you use.

"This is so cool"
"I want to be a Fire Man"
"He looks like a really good Fire Fighter"

We even got to try on a Helmet. One of us asked the question: "Why do you need to wear a helmet?" We learnt that it is to protect the Fire Fighters heads and their eyes and their masks are  to make sure they don't breath in any smoke.

It was very heavy!!

After having a look around the Fire Station, the kind Fire Fighters asked us if we wanted to have a go at holding and squirting the nose. Of course we said yes!

Even some of our Mums had a go!

We had such an amazing trip to West Norwood Fire Station and we learnt lots about what it means to be a Fire Fighter. A big thank you to all the Fire Fighters that welcomed us today and helped us learn all about being a Fire Fighters. Please can we come back again?

Remember if you see a fire call: 999!!!

Tuesday 23rd February

As our topic is about Transport, we decided that going outside and looking at the roads would be a good way to start our theme. In groups we walked outside the school gates and thinking about our values safety, lined up against the fence to watch what different vehicles went past.

We talked about what different vehicles we saw and how many. We then did a tally chart on the different coloured cars, trucks, vans and lorries that went past. When we got back into the classroom, we added together our tallies and write down the amount. We then thought about the most popular colour and the least popular colour. 

This morning we practised writing our super sentences. We start of with writing 1 word, then 2 words and then we put that into a sentence. The last sentence is a challenge were we have to change the word. Have a look at some of the amazing sentences we wrote...

I wonder who will be the SUPER SENTENCE SUPERHEROES this week?

Monday 22nd February

Welcome back and we hope you have had a lovely half term.
The next few weeks our topic will be on... TRANSPORT!

Over the half term children were asked to make a model of a vehicle using junk modelling. Take a look at the pictures below. Can you guess what they are? What materials have they been created from?

How amazing are all these vehicles!! What a super effort all these children have put in to creating their transport junk models. We will be announcing winners at the end of the week...we might have to give all of them prizes!

Friday 12th February

In Mint Class we have introduced SUPER SENTENCES! Every morning we practise writing sentences using our phonics and our red and green words. At the end of the week we choose two children who have been super at writing their sentences all week and they get to become SUPER SENTENCE SUPERHEROES! This week we finally got our super capes and a boy and a girl were chosen to be our super sentence writers.

Just look how super they look at writing sentences!! Well done!!

Tuesday 9th February

Happy Chinese New Year.
This Year it is the Year of the Monkey. If you were born to the Year of the Money your personality is supposed to show the following attributes: 

People born in the Year of the Monkey are characterised as lively, quick-witted, curious, innovative and mischievous, but it is also believed to be one of the most unlucky years in the Chinese calendar.

The general image of people in this zodiac sign is of always being smart, clever and intelligent, especially in their career and wealth.

In addition, their gentleness and honesty bring them an everlasting love life. Although they were born with enviable skills, they still have several shortcomings, such as an impetuous temper and a tendency to look down upon others.


  • Strengths: sociable, innovative, enthusiastic, self-assured
  • Weaknesses: suspicious, cunning, selfish, arrogant, jealous



On the light table this week we had the activity to come and make a Chinese Dragon.

We also had a Chinese New Year Display for us to explore.

A parent came in to tell us all about Chinese New Year. We asked lots of questions and found out lots of new facts about Chinese New Year and the Traditions. We also got to try some sweets brought in for us. How lucky are we!

We then learnt the Chinese New Year Story.

Monday 1st February 

This week we are exploring money. We started off our learning by sorting the coins in different ways.
We sorted them by colour:

We sorted them by  size:

We sorted them in different piles:

We sorted them into different lines:

Some of us sorted them by real and not real:

We had lots of fun activities to learn with this week in the classroom.

We had gloop with bugs and grey numicon. Can you identify the numicon?

Roll the dice. Tally the number you roll. Which number is rolled the most?

Come and find out which cars travel the furthest distance. Can you record your findings?

We also practised writing our Digraphs on material.

Outside we had to write who we have been learning with.

We also practised our taking away using a game on Top Marks.

Friday 29th January 

Today we had a special guest for the day. His name is Maxi, he is brown and white, his favourite food is cucumber and lettuce, he has 3 toes on each foot and he likes to squeak. Can you guess what he is?

Maxi is one of our friends Guinea Pig!!
We got to learn with Maxi the whole day. Below are some pictures of all of us holding, stroking, cuddling and looking after Maxi and welcoming him to the St Luke's family.

Mrs Atkins came to see our new friend Maxi.

Ms Coleman also came for a cuddle!

We all loved Maxi so much we had lots of photographs taken with him.

Look how carefully we are holding and stroking Maxi.

We then decided to read some stories to Maxi to help him go to sleep.

In the afternoon we recapped the Talk for Write that we did with Mrs Tripyear yesterday. 

Watch the video below of the children showing some of the Talk for Write actions.

Thursday 28th January

This morning we did some mark making on playdough. We started out with plain dough and then used bright colours to write on the dough and turn it a different colour.

In the Afternoon we had circle time talking about if we were Little Red Riding Hood, how would we react to meeting the Big Bad Wolf.

Wednesday 27th January

Today we learnt about the 5 Rs.
We created freeze frames of us demonstrating the 5 Rs.


Showing we are always ready for our learning!


Never give up trying!


Being confident finding the resources you need for success in the classroom


Having good relationships with all member of the school.


Looking back on our learning and reflecting.

Tuesday 26th January

Today we had lots of fun learning in our classroom. Some of us were designing our own sock puppets:

The boys particularly enjoyed this activity!

We also played a maths game were we had to role the dice, read the number and take that many objects from the special box. After 3 go's we counted how many we had altogether.

We also explored the outdoor Small World Area, which was a fairy world! Lots of good talking went on at this table!

Friday 22nd January

Today we went out into the rain and built some bridges. We then walked over them, remembering our Value Safety!

I wonder who CoCo will be going home with today?

Wednesday 20th January

We had so much fun learning with the Bee Bots we decided to get our Bee Bot Mats out and explore with it. 

This time we added a bridge to our Bee Bot Mat. We pretended our Bee Bot was a Troll and he was trying to get under the bridge. Miss Masters kept moving the Bee Bot to challenge us!

We then created our own Bridges using different material for the Bee Bot to travel through. 

We also finished our Andy Warhol inspired Pop Art pictures. Which form of Art do you like best?

Monday 18th January

This morning we had to crawl under the bridge to get into class.
Can you guess what book we are reading this week?

All of us were very excited when 3 Bee Bots came to our classroom. We learnt how to input instructions and move them around the classroom. 

The Bee Bots even knocked into  Miss Masters and her water bottle!!

We had so much fun learning to press the correct buttons in order to control the Bee Bots.

Friday 15th January

Mrs Zlateva was in our class today learning about Wind. We predicted which objects we thought would blow away in the wind and which objects wouldn't. The Big Bad Wolf then came along and we found out if we were right or not!

This week we had great fun reading the story The Three Little Pigs.
In our messy tray we had some 'cement' and working as a team we built really strong walls to protect ourselves from the Big Bad Wolf.

We asked Ms Rogers for help with our Pop Art pictures. We used glitter to create our next picture.

In the afternoon we listened to the Creation Story.

We learnt how God created the Earth and everything on it. We then drew pictures and discussed our favourite thing that God created. 

Tuesday 12th January

Today we learnt the new sound SH
Below is just some of the amazing writing we did today! To see more writing come into our classroom!

Today we had water beads on our light table:

What colours can you see?

We have a new Maths Mastery Learning Wall up in our classroom. Can you complete the challenge below?

Monday 11th January

On Monday some of us had some playdough time. We did some Dough Disco listening to Coldplay and then we had some free play with the dough.

We also learnt how to play a new game on the Maths table. Come and ask of of us to show you how to play!

Our new light box also arrived! Today we had our graphemes on the light box:


Friday 8th January

Today we had a lovely certificate assembly with the whole St Luke's Family. Below are some photographs of the assembly.

 Thursday 7th January

 On Thursday we enjoyed our Role Play area some more, extending on our acts and and now singing in pairs to try and impress the judges.

We are reading Goldilocks and The Three Bears this week. After we had read the story we did some hot seating.
We invited the Mummy Bear:

We invited the Daddy Bear:

We invited the Baby Bear:

and we invited Goldilocks:

We asked some really good questions to our characters, and our characters answered the questions really well, pretending they were feeling what the characters were feeling.

We were very excited to try out our new puppet show. Using story spoons we acted out the story of Goldilocks and The Three Bears.

For Understanding The World, our Science experiment was exploring...
Using our hands first we felt the outside of the bowls of porridge. One was really hot, one was warm, one was cold and the last was freezing!!
We put them in order and them guessed what we thought would happen when we put a thermometer in hot water. Most of us guessed correct, the thermometer went up and the number got higher. We then explored different temperatures of water. 

Tuesday 5th January

On our first day week we did some excellent learning.
First we shared what we got for Christmas.
All of us had a wonderful Christmas, but we are definitely ready for learning!

Next we explored our new Role Play Area. This term it has been turned into Britain's Got Talent!

First you need to get yourself ready for your audition backstage in the dressing room (pictures of our dressing room coming tomorrow). You need to write down your audition number and what act you are going to present.
Next you stand on the X and introduce yourself to the 4 judges.
The judges will take notes and decide if they think you will go on to the next round of Britain's Got Talent. 

We also did some counting with socks today. By hanging the socks up using pegs, we worked on our fine motor skills, we looked at patterns, matching them into pairs and counting how many socks we have. Later on we will create our own puppets using these socks!

One of our classroom activities today was a builders tray full of blocks and bears. We got really creative on this table and make towers, houses, cars and different towns for our bears to live in. We worked on our communication and language skills on this table by talking with our friends about what we are building and playing along side each other. 

When we came back from lunch time we found a crime scene on the carpet!

Before we split into groups, we talked with our partners about who we thought had broken the chair.
Once in groups we went on a hunt around and outside the classroom to find some clues.

We found 4 clues.
Clue 1 was some golden hair.
Clue 2 was a blue ribbon.
Clue 3 was a spoon.
Clue 4 was a bowl with 3 bears.
After discussing our clues we finally came to the conclusion that....

GOLDILOCKS was the suspect!

Before afternoon play we recapped our numbers. We are all becoming much more confident counting up to 20.

Using our display, we can support our learning!
How many red Lego pieces can you count?
How many blue Lego pieces can you count?
How many yellow Lego pieces can you count?

We hope you all had a lovely Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Here is a little selfie video we made to wish you a Merry Christmas!

Last Week

We have been so busy this week. Lots of fun learning has been going on

Rudy the Reindeer got trapped by the dinosaurs and Prince Hans...Thankfully the children came up with some great ideas to stop them from offending again!

Talk for Write- The Gingerbread Man
The children did some amazing story maps. Can you read the story from our drawings?

We carried on creating our Christmas decorations for the Christmas Fair tomorrow...

AND the staff surprised the children in the morning with our all singing and all dancing FLASH MOB!!

waiting to jump out and sing and dance for the children...

Thursday 10th December


We had our Nativity today and it was awesome!!

Afterwards we invited some of our parents back to our classroom for a pose.... say cheese!

We then went outside for a run around and played some games. Some of our amazing parents even joined in!!

"Ms Rogers can you turn around, Ms Rogers can you touch the ground, Ms Rogers can you hold your hips, Ms Rogers can you boogie down?"
Then it was Miss Masters down in the middle:

Friday 4th December

Christ Church Trip 

On Friday we went on a really exciting trip. We went to our Federated School Christ Church Streatham.

We lit the candles in the church.
We then had a sing about rejoicing Baby Jesus.

We looked at the Church nativity scene. Can you spot Baby Jesus?

We loved meeting Christ Church learners! We explored the church with our new friends!

We then did some Busy Time with our new friends in their classroom. We had so much fun!

Thursday 3rd December

Today we did another science experiment!
Goggles on!

Lab coats on!

This week's experiment was on...

We hypothesised what items would be attracted to the magnet, and what items would not.
After going around the whole school, we came to the conclusion that in order to be magnetic, it had to be made from metal.
We even tested Miss Madden to see if she was magnetic...

Christmas Parent Workshop 

We love parents coming into our Class, so Christmas is the perfect excuse to invite parents in to wear Santa Hats and get covered in glitter!

Of course, to be apart of this fun afternoon EVERYONE had to wear a Santa Hat...including the parent helpers!
Making Angels using pictures of our faces!
Miss Madden and a parent making camels. 
Mrs Tripyear and a parent helper creating Kings.
Mrs Greer and parent helper making snowmen!

Mrs Zeronian-Dalley helping us to stick on our halos.

We then showed off our favourite creations to the rest of the class and all the parent helpers.
We then had Mince Pies, Gingerbread Men and Hot Chocolate! YUM!

We then had a parent VS children race... the children won!!!

Wednesday 2nd December

Christmas is finally here! To celebrate we have lots of Christmas activities set up in our classroom!

Tuesday 1st December 

Sleeping Beauty came and performed to us today! We were so excited!
HE'S BEHIND YOUUUUU!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Thursday 26th November

Put on your Goggles

Put on your Lab Coat

Its time for Science!!

This weeks scientific question is...
Does it float or does it sink?

Today we experimented with different items and hypotesised whether they would float or sink.
We then tested our items in yellow water (because yellow water is much more fun!!)

We used vocabulary like: 'light', 'heavy' 'float', 'sink', 'big', 'small' and lots of other discussions about the experiment. 




Wednesday 25th November 

Today we got our stick insects our for a cuddle...

Can you spot the stick insect?

Even Miss Farrugia had a cuddle with our stick insects.

We have 3 stick insects in our classroom, Fluffy, Mike and Katie.

Tuesday 24th November

Today we made some boats to help the Little Boy and the Penguin (from Lost and Found by Oliver Jeffers) get to the South Pole.

More pictures to come when we see if our boats float or sink...

Monday 23rd November

Role-Play Area:
Our role-play area this week was changed to the Build A Bear Workshop. Lots of learning happened in the BAB workshop!
We worked on our fine motor skills by cutting out the hearts for our bears.
We played alongside each other.
We played and learned with the money in the BAB workshop.
We used our phonics to write Certificates for our bears.

We produced some amazing independent writing:

Friday 19th November

We had our own certificate assembly today! Congratulations to our super Learners of the week!!!

These 2 got to go on the Top Table this week-lucky them!!

These 3 got a certificate this week for trying hard in all areas of their learning- what super stars!!!

All  these children completed their sticker charts this week, well done for all the amazing learning you have done- we are so proud of you!!!

Thursday 18th November 

Another part of our Maths week was looking at the Artist Wassily Kandinsky.
We looked at some of his different painting. What shapes can you see? What colours can you see?
We learnt that he liked to listen to Opera when he was painting.
We created our own paintings using lots of different sized circles.

We also made shape penguins with Mrs Greer (our student teacher)

What shapes can you spot?

Wednesday 17th

The teachers has a staff meeting after school on Wednesday. We were looking at all the classes Science books and talking about how amazing the children are doing with their Investigating, Thinking and Exploring

Ms Chalcroft explaining how her Learners always have amazing learning in their books!

Miss Francis looking proud to show the other teachers her books!

Miss Farrugia explaining how super her Learners are!

Mrs Coleman proud of her Learners work!

Miss Kirby shoving off her amazing Science Books.

Miss Masters loving Year 5's Science Books!!

 Tuesday 16th November

This week is Maths Week and in Reception we are very busy looking at Maths in the outdoors. Each day we have been going outside to look at Maths in the environment. On Monday and Tuesday we went on a Shape hunt. You can tell from the pictures that we had so much fun!!!
Can you see what shapes we have found?

Remembrance Display

We enjoyed learning about Remembrance day and why it is so important to not forget and to wear poppies, that we made a display for everyone to see our learning. Have a look:

Monday 16th November

This morning we had a guest visit our school. When we first arrived we saw a trail of glittery snow and a box... What do you think is in the box?

It was a penguin!

Can you read what the sign says?
In Reception we use robot arms to blend our words. A video will be coming on the blog later to show you how we blend and segment.

Our classroom is full of new exciting activities this week, come and have a look:

Our small world tray this week is Antartica. We added seals, polar bears and penguins to our small world tray. Later on during the week we will add some snow AND some ice!

Come and feed the penguin. Penguins love eating fish, but our fish have sounds, CVC words and Red and Green words on them. Can you read the words before feeding the penguin the fish?

This week we have been looking at colours and patterns. Can you choose a pattern card and copy it using the correct colours and the correct pattern?

On our Finger Gym table this week we are making our hands strong by threading beading onto different shaped pipe cleaners.

Friday 13th November

Look how colourful and beautiful our Diva Lamps are!


Thursday 12th November

Today we carried on our learning about Diwali and made some Diva Lamps.

"The clay is really wet and squishy"

"The clay feels wet but its not really wet, but it is making my hands a different colour"

"I'm using my thumb and fingers to make a bowl shape."

"You can use the water to make the clay all smooth"

We also listened and watched the story of Rama and Sita.

Check back next week to see how we painted and decorated our Diva Lamps!! 

Build a Bear Workshop Trip

Thank you to all the parents who came on our trip, you were all amazing!!

We had to decide which bear to choose from, a monkey or a bunny.

We decided on the...

Then we had to go to the stuffing machine!!

We were all pretty excited!!!

What a brilliant first trip with Mint Class, Can't wait for the next trip!!

Wednesday 11th November

Today we had our Remembrance Ceremony 

We made poppies and after a prayer and 2 minutes silence we planted our poppies.




Monday 9th November 

Remembrance Day
This week we will be learning about Remembrance Day.

Today we made our own felt Poppies and pinned them onto our jumpers.
Smile for the camera!!!

Our new sound 'g'


One of us grew a gorilla "because gorilla begins with a G and so does grapes!"




Re and Art Weeks

This week we retold the story of The Lost Sheep. We also looked at Andy Goldsworthy and created our own Lost Sheep using leaves, twigs, conkers and pine cones.




Over half term!

During half term you can watch the videos below to help your child with their phonics.


 Jolly Phonics

How to pronounce your Phonemes

Rhyming Alphablocks

Rhyming with 'Pig'

Phonics Play Games

Busy Things interactive website 


Have a great half term and we can't wait to see you back on Tuesday 3rd November!!!


Friday 23rd October

Its the Last day of term today, but that didn't stop us from learning!

We did some planting today and talked about what plants need to grow.

We also found some snails hiding in the tool box!



Thursday 22nd October

Today was our first day exploring the Laptops. Some of us were a bit unsure, but most of us LOVED the new laptops and had loads of fun learning how to use them, turning them on and opening up the internet. We then got to play on :)

We had another special guest in today! Another parent came in to teach us some Romanian.

We then read Hansel and Gretel but in Romanian!

Thank you for coming in!!!


We also had a Numicon workshop this afternoon in the classroom. Lots of parents turned up to learn all about how we learn with Numicon in school and how we can learn with it at home also.

Some future St Luke's learners joined us as well!!

Thank you again to ALL the parents who came along to our workshops this week, you were brilliant!


Tueday 20th October 

We finally caught this cheeky squirrel on our outdoor area this morning! 

Doesn't she look happy munching away on our acorns?

We also had a parent join us this afternoon to teach us some Ukrainian.

We learnt how to say:
Hi- Pryvit
Yes- Tak
No- Nee
Bye- Pa-Pa!

Monday 19th October

Today we had some SUPERSTARS in our class!

We mixed different colours today using red, yellow and blue water to see what other colours we could make. We used pipets to mix the water, working on our fine motor skills at the same time.

This SUPER learner practised writing some CVC words and afterwards put in her sound buttons. AMAZING!!!

These super learners drew what their favourite food was in the Home Corner. Well done!

And these two learners practised recognising and writing their numbers from 1-10! Well done boys!


Phewwww what a busy day of learning today!!



Friday 16th October 

Today we had such a fun day of learning!!

First we made cereal cakes!

To make them we used: Rice krispies, cornflakes, white chocolate, milk chocolate, golden syrup and mini marshmallows.


Then we did some Godly play and learnt all about the story Joseph and the Colourful Coat


Us reading the story and creating models of our favourite part of the story.

Some of us creating models of what we would like to be when we grow up.

Looking at all the different colours of Joseph's coat and painting our own colourful coats.

Wednesday 14th


Two more stick insects have hatched this week!!! So far we have decided on the names.......

MIKE and FLUFFY!!! Welcome to St Luke's family Mike and Fluffy!


This week we have been learning abour Harvest! We learnt all about: How does cereal grow? How is cereal milled? How is cereal produced?

Yummy! Which is your favourite cereal?



Monday 12th

Look who came and ate all of the acorns we collected over the weekend...

Cheeky Squirrel! Where do you think he came from?



Tuesday 6th

A big WELL DONE to all the children that brought their Autumn bags back this week. We had great fun looking at everyones finds and their favourite piece of Autumn that they found!

WOW, look at this super learning at home!

After we investigated everything that was found over the weekend, we went and explored our Autumn classroom.

Next on our blog is having a look at Godly Play...




Friday 2nd

Remember to go outside this weekend and collect anything that reminds you of Autumn and bring your bag back to school Monday!

We can't wait to see what you've found this weekend!!


Wednesday 30th

Today we learnt a new sound....P!!

Ms Madden is modelling how to write the sound P. She starts from the top, goes all the way down, back up and then around to write the sound P.

We also made some sound crowns today all about the sound T. We drew teddies, trains, trees, tigers, tables, tennis balls and tables.

What a super fun day full of learning :) 


This week we are reading Harry and the Bucketful of Dinosaurs.

Our classroom has been set up based around this book.


This is what our Creative Area looked like at the beginning of the day...

This is what our Creative Area looked like at the end of the day... So much amazing colour mixing happened at this table today!!!



Something super awesome happened this morning...Our first Stick Insect Hatching hatched this morning :)


What do you think would be a good name for our first hatchling?