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School Council

School Councillor Job Criteria

 Essential Qualities

  • Excellent listening skills.
  • Willing to respect the views of others.
  • Approachable.
  • Represent your peers confidently and good at explaining things.
  • Able to work co-operatively with others.
  • Make informed decisions.
  • Reliable and willing to give up time to attend meetings.
  • Enthusiastic and energetic

 Desirable Qualities

  • Flexible and adaptable.
  • Enjoy having the opportunity to solve problems.
  • Willing to consider what is best for everyone at the school.
  • Has lots of new ideas.
  • Shows initiative.

The School Council meets every 2 weeks usually on a Friday afternoon. Meetings last about half an hour. On the weeks when there is no school council meeting, classes hold their own class council to discuss items for the next meeting. If you have something you want us to discuss at School Council please tell your class councillor.

School Council has worked really hard in meeting with number of playground designers to help us improve our play area.  Some of the old equipment have been removed and we are all excited about the new installation in January!

Each class has two school councillors, usually a boy and a girl, although this is not always the case. It is up to each class to vote for their councillors. We think being on school council gives you a chance to discuss things with other children and it is good to let lots of people have the chance to do this important job. The reception children join the school council for the first meeting of the summer term.

We decided to put some rules together to keep order in our meetings!

 Rules for School Council Meetings

Listen to other people’s opinions and ideas.

Attend meetings on time!

Share feedback from class school council meetings.

 Work together to make decisions.

Tell your class what has been discussed.

Mrs Bryan-Whyte and Miss Rogers help the Year 6 councillors to chair the meeting and to write up the minutes after each meeting.

One of the main jobs of the School Council is to decide which charities we will support each year.

We try to solve any problems that children have at playtime or dinnertime. Often this just means we have to remind people of the playground rules and the general expectations. We have also been discussing ideas for a new Buddy system. 

Peer mentoring

School councillors are keeping notes on anyone who continues to break playground rules. If the same names are reported 2 meetings in a row then that person will be given a warning. If their behaviour does not improve they have to come and explain why to the school council at the next meeting.

Chuka Umunna MP

School council members visited Christ Church Streatham on 12th November to meet ex-pupil Chuka Umunna MP. Click here to view the read more.  

Digital Leaders

I am delighted to announce that  Digital Leaders were recently appointed today from Years 5 and 6! 

Well done to all of them - they really impressed Miss Kirby, not only with their knowledge about technology but also with their thoughts about how to support and teach others - children and teachers! They wear their badges with pride!