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We are working hard to improve our spellings!
This week we have been thinking about adding the suffix -ing to a word to make a new word. We discussed how adding -ing to an action word changes it's meaning. 
We then had a go at making -ing words ourselves!

This week we were lucky enough to have a visit from the Perform Drama School, Vicky took us back 400 years in her time machine so that we could act out parts of A Midsummer Night's Dream! 
We were split into groups and had to work as a team to produce a freeze frame that would capture key parts of the story. 
Can you guess which parts we were trying to capture?


We hope that you had a very restful half term and are now ready to come back and challenge yourself further with your learning!
In Literacy we have started looking at poems and have used this opportunity to improve our confidence in talking in front of our class, by performing a poem to the rest of the class. We had the chance to decide how we were going to perform our poem before we took to the stage!

The other children were very supportive of our performances!

This week in Sage Class we have done a lot of our learning together as a group! We started the week with a new Maths topic - weight!
At the beginning of the week we discussed what we already knew about weighing and then we sat together as a class and explored the scales.
What happens to the scales when something is heavy?
How can we weigh an object using non-standard units?

How could we put objects in order of their weight?
These were some of the questions we answered this week using our new knowledge of weight!

We also became story writers ourselves, towards the end of the week we started to write our own versions of this famous traditional tale. We changed different elements of the story to make it our own!
Some of us changed the character's name, the animal being sold or even the creature that was found at the top of the beanstalk!
We will finish these next week and Miss Chalcroft cannot wait to read the final product.
This week we have continued our study of Traditional Tales, through looking at the different characters in further detail! In our groups we discussed different adjectives that we could use to describe the giant in the story of Jack and the Beanstalk. Using these ideas we were able to write our own description of the giant! 
Sage Class is full of amazing artists, this week we had the chance to grab our paintbrushes again and experiment with lots of different colours. Miss Chalcroft is always very impressed with our effort in Art!
We began looking at Traditional Tales this week, starting with Jack and the Beanstalk! To really get involved with the story we did some acting with our friends. Then we showed a freeze frame from our section to the rest of the class.
Can you guess which part of the story we are acting out?
This week, just like any other, we have been working very hard! In Maths we have been thinking about money, using lots of different coins we were able to practise adding different values!
Do you know what 10p + 5p + 2p = 

We have started our new term with great excitement, by celebrating some amazing achievements from last term!

We celebrated with learners who were awarded certificates for their hard work.
Learners who received an 100% punctuality certificate:
Learners who received an 100% attendance certificate:
Certificates for receiving stickers for effort in learning:

Well done Sage class for all of your hard work!

After reading some of Emily's letters together we discussed some of the facts we had learnt about Whales!                
"I learnt that Whales are the biggest mammal" - DH.

"I learnt that Whales eat small sea creatures called krill" - DI. 

This first week back in Sage Class has been super busy!
We have started lots of new learning, o
ur topic for this half term is Water World. We will be learning about the different uses for water and looking at how water is used around the world.

We will also be looking at animals that live Under the Sea because we are going to visit the Aquarium!
We can't wait!

This week we thought about what we already knew about Water and the Sea, we realised that we already knew quite a lot!


Welcome back Year 1!

Class Assembly
This week was Year 1's Class Assembly and we have received such lovely and positive comments from members of our St Lukes family!! Despite having our Nativity the day before we managed to pull off a wonderful performance. Miss Chalcroft and Miss Marballie are super proud of all of the hard work and effort that the children put in for their class assembly. Thank you to all the parents who came to watch and support us. For those who unfortunately could not make it I have provided a video below of the assembly so you don't miss out. Although due to some technological issues sadly only part of the performance was recorded, apologies!

Year 1 Class Assembly from CCS St Lukes on Vimeo.

Year 1 Friendship and Respect from CCS St Lukes on Vimeo.

KS1 Nativity!
This week has been a very busy week for Sage class, we have been practicing hard for both our KS1 nativity and our Class Assembly. On Thursday we shared our Nativity story with our parents. Everybody did very well and we are all very proud!
If you unfortunately missed the performance then head on over to Year 2's Blog where you will  find a video of the entire performance which you can enjoy at your leisure :)
Year 1 Class Assembly!
We have been busy practising for our first stage debut on Friday 11th December at 9.30am.
Please come and watch our first assembly!
As part of our Literacy learning this week we started looking at a new book called 'The Dragon Machine', in this book there is a boy called George who has some pet dragons! But his dragons start becoming too much trouble so George doesn't know what to do with them. We stepped into George's shoes this week and tried to think what we would do if we were him! We worked in groups and discussed what George could do!


Then we presented our ideas to the rest of the class!
Tuesday 1st December
A drama company came to perform Sleeping Beauty to us today!
We really enjoyed the show and although Miss Chalcroft was not lucky enough to be able to watch the show herself we made sure we told her all about it!


The Christmas Countdown has begun in Year 1!
We have started practicing all of the songs for our Nativity, we have lots of songs to learn. Here are the links to a few of the songs we are learning so you can practice at home too!

Please come and see us perform on Thursday 10th November!

On Friday, we did something really exciting! We went on a school trip!!!
We went on an adventure on the bus to go and watch a show about the book we have been looking at in Literacy, called What the Ladybird Heard.

The show had lots of different songs and we even had to join in to help the farmers find the ladybird. We had lots of fun!


"My favourite part was listening to all of the different songs!" FU

"I really liked all of the different costumes that they wore!" NHG

"I liked the man who played Lanky Len because he was really funny!" NW


The next day we had a Computing session in the afternoon, as part of this Miss Chalcroft put out the laptops for us to use! We used a program called Purple Mash to make different patterns and then when we had a go on different counting games. Who knew that Maths could be so fun!


This week in school it has been MATHS WEEK and we have been doing lots of exciting things to celebrate this! As part of our Art lessons we looked at symmetry and patterns, we made our own symmetrical butterfly patterns by painting one side of the butterfly and then folding it over. We made some beautiful and Miss Chalcroft has even hung some around the classroom!




As part of Science we have started looking at 'Seasonal Changes' and Miss Chalcroft decided that what better way to learn about Seasonal Changes than going outside and experiencing it for ourselves! We went on an Autumn Walk around our school and saw how many signs of Autumn we could spot.



"We saw lots of leaves on the ground!" - BM

"I knew it was Autumn because there were orange, red and yellow leaves!" - SJ


On Wednesday we had a super exciting afternoon, learning about robots! We learnt how to program BeeBots (robots in the shape of bumblebees)! Before experimenting with them we realised how careful you had to be when giving instructions by trying to program Blossom (the lady running the workshop). We soon realised that saying 'walk forward' was NOT enough. We had to be more precise by saying 'move forward 3 steps'.  After we had practised programming Blossom several times we moved on to programming the BeeBots, here are some pictures of us having fun with robots!




It has been another exciting week in Sage Class! 
On Tuesday we got the paints out and finished our Art Project for RE week, each of us had a part of the picture to paint. We were super careful with our paints to make sure we created a masterpiece!
Please come and see our Art Project which is on display in the hall!




We also had another special guest in our class on Friday, where we had the chance to take part in a Magic Lantern workshop to explore the parable of The Good Samaritan. 
We were able to look at lots of different artist's representations of this parable. We then thought very carefully about how each of the character's were represented and even got a chance to pretend we were the artist ourselves!




Due to this week being a special week at school we have had lots of visitors in our class! During the week we had a visit from Miss Macdonald who helped us to retell important parts of The Good Samaritan using role play and talk partners. We had lots of fun retelling the story in such an active way and were able to remember lots of important information!



This week at St Luke's it has been RE and Art week where each class has been looking closely at a different parable and using a different Art form to portray elements of the story. 
In Sage Class we have been focussing on the parable of The Good Samaritan and have chosen to depict images of this parable using different colours because our focus in Art at the moment is primary and secondary colours. We have started by practicing using coloured pens, but for the final product we will be using paints so we can mix colours. The final product will be displayed alongside work from the rest of the school in the hall. 



Enjoy your Half Term Sage Class!

We will look forward to hearing about all of the exciting things you did over your holiday!

Before half term we celebrated Black History and Diversity month at St Luke's, as part of our celebrations  we had the opportunity to participate in a storytelling workshop with Faustin Charles the author of "The Selfish Crocodile". 

A story about a large and very angry crocodile who warns the other animals each day to stay away from HIS river, the other animals listen until one day they notice that the crocodile is in pain. So, they have to decide whether to forgive the crocodile and help him.
Lots of us volunteered our help to act out parts of the story, we had lots of fun doing this!


We have had lots of fun activities going on in Sage Class this week, one thing that we did earlier in the week was participate in a drama workshop!

Our workshop was taken by Perform Drama group, we had lots of fun pretending that we were going to save King Arthur from an evil dragon in the castle! We had to be tested in 3 ways in order to be allowed to go on the adventure, Perform thought that Sage Class were so good at these tests that we all deserved to go on the adventure for King Arthur. 


This week in 

we made mosaic letters as part of our Art lessons! Miss Chalcroft then put some of the letters together to make a personalised Sage Class mosaic to decorate our window. 

We also spent some time discussing our value of RESPECT.

We all participated in circle time as part of a class discussion on what we thought respect meant, some ideas included listening to others, being kind and being polite. We also spoke about the people and things that we thought it was important to show respect to, for example, our parents, our teachers and our classroom. We now have a display in our classroom with each of our ideas on what respect means (keep posted for a picture of this display!) 

"Respect means listening and being polite to others," DH

"We should show respect to God because he gave us everything," AY

"We should show respect to everyone!" SA


Welcome to our Class Blog

On this page we will be posting about all the fun learning that we do in Sage Class.

Welcome back after a nice, long summer holiday!


Our Learning Environment

Please have a look at the pictures below, or come in and have a real look around our  classroom to see the learning that is happening!

 Our classroom is designed to inspire children with their work, therefore our Maths and Literacy working walls are always full with the learning that we are focusing on in our current topics. 

It is also designed to challenge the children and enable them to grow, this is why we have our Maths challenge wall which is updated each time we start a new topic in Maths. Completion of the challenge allows children a chance to earn extra stickers!

We also think that it is very important to celebrate the amazing learning that children achieve in our class, so we update our 'Superstar Work' wall each week with examples of the fantastic work that children have done. 

We are a Rights Respecting school and our class charter shows the different things that the children can do to ensure they, and every other child has the rights they deserve. 

Our topic for this half term is The Magic Toymaker, so we have created a toy shop in our classroom to display some of the amazing projects that children made at home!

Thank you for visiting our class blog, keep checking for regular updates about our learning!