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Here is the first instalment of some of the Carroty Wood pictures. More to follow...

Shelter Building



This is our lodge Woodland Lodge.





High Ropes



more to follow ......











Year 5 are on School Journey

Mrs Atkins is taking over this blog for a few days while Year 5 are away so that you can see what learners have been up to daily. Parents can view images via ClubDojo.


Friday 4th March 2016 8:27am

"Yesterday was beautiful, children took part in high ropes and archery in the morning and then BMXing and maze challenges in the afternoon.  There were more amazing leaps of faith and lots of fears were faced.  In the evening, we roasted marshmallows over our campfire and rounded off the week with a disco.  

We are sad to leave Carroty Wood but looking forward to seeing our families.  We will be leaving soon and should be arriving back at school at half past one."  Miss Kirby


Thursday 3rd March 2016 8:27am

"Yesterday was a little cold but it was not enough to dampen the spirits of the children. They tried their hands at archery and the high ropes in the morning.  Some of the children even completed the famous "Leap of Faith!".  

After lunch, we did some maze challenges and tackled the climbing wall.  So many children pushed themselves further than they thought possible.  There were proud smiles all around.  

Dinner was roast chicken with chocolate cake which was lovely.  Then we went swimming and played lots of games until it was time to write in our diaries.  

This morning, it looks cool but sunny outside, the perfect weather for today's adventure." Miss Kirby


Wednesday 2nd March 2016 8:04am

"An amazing day was had by all yesterday.  Children started the day with BMXing and shelter building. The teamwork was incredible.  Lots of children learnt how to ride bikes and everyone achieved something new.  

The afternoon saw a mixture of shelter building and climbing.  So many children conquered their fears and all were able to set a personal best on the climbing wall.  

Dinner was chicken curry with rice and Nam bread.

There was a birthday yesterday, so the evenings activities were made up of dancing and party games.  Today, it looks bright and clear, the perfect weather for more climbing and archery."  Mrs Kirby


Tuesday 1st March 2016 8:08am

"We arrived safe and sound. The children had a welcome talk and then it was straight off to go swimming.  After swimming, we explored the area surrounding our cabin and had a sneak preview of some of the activities.  Dinner was pasta with jelly and ice-cream for dessert.  Children wrote in their diaries before going to bed.  Today we are BMXing building shelters and climbing."  Mrs Kirby



Below are the times table songs we have looked at so far!









We have been busy using different resources to support and extend our maths learning. 


We are also making sure that we are really confident with our 7 times tables. 

We are using this video to help.







The Tempest. 

This week Basil Class will be learning about the Tempest.

We have started thinking about some of the different characters and have made some predictions about the plot. We thought about why Prospero might have been sent to the island, and we acted out our theories. 





It has been fantastic to see everybody return from the Christmas break well rested and ready for all of the new challenges that Spring term will provide.

This term we are focusing on Grimm Tales by Philip Pullman in our literacy work.


We looked at the story of Little Red Riding Hood and found it to be very different from the version of the story we are used to.

Why are there different versions of traditional tales? This seems to happen a lot with Disney stories. Why would they change the original version so much? - DK 

As a class we much preferred the Grimm version of Little Red Riding Hood. It is a little scary though!! 


We were asked to predict the story of The Frog King, or Iron Heinrich just from the title and act out our own versions. We all had very different ideas of what the story might be about but we were able to perform our stories with confidence. 




It has been another action packed week in year 5!


We had the opportunity to see some drama specialists perform their Christmas Play. This gave us the chance to take notes before the big performance of our own (more about that later!).

The Brit School kindly invited us to see their Christmas Performance. Here are some highlights.


By Wednesday evening it was time for our own performance. As you are aware year 5 have been working with City Heights to produce a production called A Thousand Cranes. This is the story of Sadako Saski. St Luke's were able to work alongside our friends at Christ Church Streatham, Orchard and City Heights School to create a spectacular evening of entertainment. For those parents who were able to attend, thank you so much! For those who were not here are some of the absolutely fantastic highlights. 


Once again a huge well done to all of the children who were able to take part! You were amazing!



A huge thank you to all of the parents who were able to attend our assembly. We are so glad that you enjoyed it. 

A huge congratulations to year 5 for all of their hard work! Your teachers are very proud of you!!


Due to popular demand here is our making cranes instructional video!





This week we have been taking part in a very exciting MATHS WEEK! Here are some of our highlights…


We completed an outdoor maths trail. This meant that we had to apply our maths skills outside in the real world. This could be tricky but we soon were able to start applying what we have already learned.



We designed and made a board game for year 2 children, to help them with their addition and subtraction. To be able to do this we had to think very carefully about the questions that we were asking and how we could make the game fun for them. We wrote our own questions along with the answers so that they could check their understanding independently



We looked at tessellation and came up with our own tessellations. This was much more difficult than it looked.


We also used computing to help us practise and revise our previous maths learning around fractions.

We conducted investigations!


I think it is safe to say that this was the

best maths week




This week was also anti-bullying week. We thought about how we can make a noise about bullying. To help us imagine what it might be like to be bullied and to bully we used the program NOW PRESS PLAY. We then got to listen and take part in an immersive story around the subject of bullying.



While fun to do it raised some very important questions. Why do people bully? What could have been done to stop the bullying? How does bullying make the people involved feel?


We then focused back on our main question. How can we make a noise about bullying? We decided that there are lots of things that we can do in school. We can tell adults if we suspect that someone is being bullied. We could display posters around school so that younger children know what to do if it is happening to them. We also decided that we can speak out about it more in class and assembly so that people are reminded on a regular basis that there are people who can help.

It is important not to forget our wonderful peer mediators who are always around school at breaktimes and lunchtimes and can help resolve any disagreements as they arise.


Did you know...


Billy Waters would play the violin to entertain the crowds that had gathered to hear Olaudah Equiano speak about the abolition of slavery.


Olaudah Equiano                              Billy Waters




Creating Cartoons 


This week as a continuation of our work with the Black Cultural Archives we welcomed cartoonist Steve Marchant to St Luke's.


Steve showed us how to draw accurate cartoon faces, bodies and portraits. We then used all we had been shown to compile a comic strip about some of the Georgians that we have been learning about. 

Some of us looked at Billy Waters, Oladauh Equiano and Phyllis Wheatley. 

To see our amazing work visit the Black Cultural Archives on Saturday 5th December. 



1 Windrush Square, London, Brixton, Greater London SW2 1EF 



Art and RE week

For art and RE week year 5 looked at the PARABLE OF THE SOWER. We thought about the messages that were explored in this parable and what they meant to us. We then developed our sculpting skills to present the parable. Take a look at our pictures. 





Visit year 5 to see the completed piece.


I am so pleased with my work, it looks much better then I thought.  SO


I didn't think I'd be able to make a bird, but I could. KH



Poetry Workshops 

This week year 5 were very luck to have our first workshop with award winning poet Adisa.

This is art of our work around black Georgians and is in collaboration with the BCA.

Adisa introduced us to the performer Billy Waters. We then had the opportunity to explore the events of his life through poetry. 





Your Story.

Our History.


To celebrate Black History Month we asked learners to interview members of their family about their lives.  Learners did this and were eager to share the exciting information they had found out. In Basil Class alone there are families from all over the world, ancestors who fought in WW1 and WW2, ancestors who have experienced living in many different countries, and ancestors who are recognised proudly in their home countries. 

On Friday 23rd October we invited some families into school to share some of these stories with the class.



A huge thank you to the families who were able to attend. 



 Visit to St Luke's Church


This week has been very very busy for year 5 learners. We started the week with a visit to our local church to further extend our learning about communication. Father Donald spoke to us about how we communicate and how people communicate in a church environment. We then looked around the church to investigate the different types of communication. 


We work in partnership with St Luke's Church, West Norwood. 


Visit to the Black Cultural Archives 


Basil Class are working in collaboration with the Black Cultural Archives in Brixton to find out about prominent Black Georgians. This project will involve workshops with a fantastic poet called Adissa, where learners will be writing and performing their own pieces inspired by the lives of some of the Georgians they are learning about. They will also be visited by a cartoonist called Steve Marchent. He will be demonstrating how to draw in a comic book style.

The work that children produce will go on display at the BCA on Saturday 5th December. So make sure to visit and see what we have been up to. 

To introduce this amazing project we visited the Black Cultural Archives to learn about some of the Georgians we will be studying. 



After exploring the exhibition we created shadow images illustrating the life of boxer Tom Molineaux.



Can you see which events are being acted out?


I really enjoyed doing the shadow work. It was fun learning about Tom's life. MH


To visit or to find out more about this fantastic exhibition visit 



Visit to the Science Museum


 This week we visited the Science Museum to further our learning around space.  While there we undertook a challenge to investigate some of the exhibitions. This meant looking really closely at the information.

Well done to LS and SA who answered all their questions correctly!



I found out lots of new things about space. Like who the first woman in space was and what it is like to eat when you are up there. -LS


Mastery in Year 5

This week we also looked in greater depth at mastery and how we can become maths masters in our classroom. We used different resources to deepen our understanding of division. 


I really enjoyed this lesson, it helped me to understand division better - TR




This week has been so much fun!!


Basil Class have embarked on the first of two major projects that they are taking part in this term. This project, in collaboration with City Heights School, will be marking the 70th anniversary of Hiroshima.

This is a picture of the statue of Sadako at the Hiroshima memorial. She is holding some origami cranes made in her memory.


 Children from selected schools in Lambeth will be working with drama tutor Danielle to tell the story of A Thousand Cranes, through various dramatic mediums including drama, dance, puppetry and mask-work. 

This will lead up to a performance at City Heights School on 9th December for the families of children involved.

In class we will be looking at the second world war through literacy and history and will be learning how to make moving cranes using the Japanese tradition of Origami. To practise your origami skills watch the video entitled Origami Flapping Bird (Folding Instructions) on YouTube.


We hope that by the time of the performance the schools involved will have been able to make the      1000 cranes so please have a go and bring your results to Basil Class where we can display them temporarily.


Here are some images from our first workshop with Danielle.


I will be in touch with families over the next few weeks with more details about the performance.






Don't spend the weekend feeling stressed, if you need a little help with the home learning you have been asked to complete then look no further. 

When you are writing direct speech make sure you remember the following. 

Speech marks must always go around what is beng said. They should face the speech. 

You will need to include some punctuation before closing your speech marks. 

When writing a conversation always move to a new line when a new person (or alien) speaks. 


"Good morning year 5!" said Miss Kirby.

"Good morning!" the class replied.

A fantastic week in Basil Class


In basil class this week we have been conducting lots of maths investigations based around shape.

We have also been very busy writing our amazing space stories! If you want a story that has aliens, dancing contests, spaceship crashes and alien parents then you had better come and take a look at our literacy wall! 



Dancing in Norwood!


Last week Basil Class had the amazing opportunity to visit Norwood School to take part in a dance workshop.

We started off with some very difficult warm ups, we had to do situps and push ups and lots of stretching. Once we were ready the lesson began. We started by learning some simple steps which started out nice and slow and gradually sped up. 

The next part of the workshop made us think about how we were using the space around us and how we would move within that space. This was very intersting as it got us to think of some dance moves on our own. We were able to be really creative. 

The most exciting part was when we were given a brief and asked to make up our own dance moves. Some of us then performed to the class. We had to make sure that we did some moves in unision and some at different times. 

Basil Class had a fantastic afternoon and learnt some amazing dance moves!!

Thank you Norwood School!